You climb the finely chiseled stone steps and swing open the heavy oaken door to the Museum. You take a few steps inside... Directly to your right, a bulletin board spells out the latest news:
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4 January 2014 Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all CGW Museum visitors. As you have likely noticed, there hasn't been a whole lot of change here since mid-2012. Honestly, with the completion of scanning the entire CGW run, there isn't likely to be a whole lot of change in the future either! Perhaps at some point I'll add the GFW issues, but otherwise, unless someone comes up with some interesting new information about CGW... there isn't a whole lot more to add. That said, the magazines will remain available as valuable digital resources! And if you do have ideas or information that might be useful, well, please e-mail! Have a great 2014!
22 July 2013 Tim Finkas passes away
I've just received the sad news that after a nearly two year battle with pancreatic cancer, Tim Finkas, the original cover artist, graphic designer, and layout editor of CGW has passed away. Tim created every cover of CGW up to #26, with the exception of 4.4, 5.5, and 25. You may remember this interview that I did with Tim nearly ten years ago, in which he explains his start with the magazine, his thoughts on many of the covers, and much more. If you've already read it, it's worth another look, and if you haven't, you're missing out on some very interesting CGW material - head on over for a read.

Our thoughts are with his family in these difficult times. Thanks Tim, for your friendliness, creativity, and amazing talent.
10 July 2012 Recognition
Now that the scanning is over, I want to take a few minutes to recognize a few people for their contributions in making this project possible, mainly by donating issues:
  • Bernard Dy, who donated the great majority of the scanned issues (about 140!)
  • Brad Frohock
  • Ken Cavanaugh
  • Rodney Lelah
  • Bill Haworth
  • Kerry Timm
  • Eleanor Howell
  • Phil
  • Paul Smith, who provided the last three missing issues
  • And everyone who donated to make this happen

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone!
Up ahead, passages in all directions lead to dimly lit galleries. From where you stand, you can still distinguish the framed magazines that you think may hold some of the secrets of the early days of computer gaming.

A stack of freshly printed newsletters sits in a neat pile on a shelf to your left. You also notice a few older ones nearby, no doubt discarded by previous guests. Further down towards the entrance to the galleries, you can see, and hear, an animated group of visitors talking and bartering.

Closer to you, the attendant's booth is currently empty, but a hastily scribbled note stuck on the glass invites you to pick up a flyer for more information regarding the Museum. Directly next to the booth, a leather-bound guestbook lies open on a low table. Giving it a quick glance, you already recognize some of the names!

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