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10 July 2012 Recognition
Now that the scanning is over, I want to take a few minutes to recognize a few people for their contributions in making this project possible, mainly by donating issues:
  • Bernard Dy, who donated the great majority of the scanned issues (about 140!)
  • Brad Frohock
  • Ken Cavanaugh
  • Rodney Lelah
  • Bill Haworth
  • Kerry Timm
  • Eleanor Howell
  • Phil
  • Paul Smith, who provided the last three missing issues
  • And everyone who donated to make this happen

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone!
5 July 2012 COMPLETE!
Well, after almost exactly a year and a half and 33,544 additional scanned pages, the CGW scanning project is now complete. Every single issue of the magazine's 25 year run is available online, from #1.1 in November 1981 to #268 in November 2006. The total, including the two issues of Computer Game Forum: 40,982 pages!

28 June 2012 Almost there
I added another 21 issues today, all the way to #268, the last issue in November 2006. The CGW scanning project is almost complete, with just a few holes to fill remaining: issue 109, 111, 113, 246, and 259, as well as a few pages from issue 234. I already have the first three issues, and the last three should be here shortly.
6 May 2012 Complete up to 2004
I added five more issues today, 241-245, which now means that the entire set of issues from 2004 is available online. Only 2005 and 2006 to go, and the three "orphan" issues from 1993.
22 April 2012 The end is near!
Almost there... I've just finished up with 20 more CGW issues, bringing the scanned collection all the way to #240 - July 2004. Only 28 more issues to go (plus 109, 111, and 113) until all CGW issues have been scanned in!
13 March 2012 Wasteland 2 Kickstarter
I don't usually do much cross-promotion, but thought I would make an exception today. For old school gamers who played the classic game Wasteland during the 1980s, or even for those who enjoyed Fallout 1 and 2 during the late 1990s, Interplay founder Brian Fargo has put up a Kickstarter web page for a sequel to Wasteland. The page went live this morning.

For those not familiar, Kickstarter allows the fan-funding of projects through advance pledges. Fargo is trying to create a traditional, top-down, turn- and party-based RPG. He already has most of the original Wasteland design team on-board. Please visit Kickstarter and consider pledging to make it happen:
21 January 2012 Filling the gaps
I just completed scans of issues 180, 181, and 206, as well as adding the fabulous Planescape: Torment poster to issue 186. Thanks to Phil for sending those in. As well, I've added issues 214-220. This means that with the exception of issues 109, 111, and 113 (which I do have and will be adding later), you can now get at the CGW Museum every page of every issue of CGW from 1 to 220, a 21 year run!

I was looking at previous news items it was exactly a year ago that we started scanning issues past 100. 117 new issues in one year - not bad!
1 January 2012 More issues for 2012
Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate, I've added 20 more issues: 178, 194-200, 201-205, 207-213, bringing the scans all the way to April 2002. A few people have mailed me issues to scan - thank you very much. Here's what I still need:
  • 1999 - 180, 181 (someone sent them but they had missing pages)
  • 2000 - 186 (Planescape: Torment poster only)
  • 2001 - 206
As you can see, we're getting there!

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