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15 April 2008 Wow!
Lots of traffic during the last week or so - thanks to everyone who has posted a link to the site in their features about the cancellation of CGW/GFW. Particular thanks to Jeff Green for the link from his blog!

With all this traffic, the site has used up record levels of bandwidth. As I've previously mentioned, the site is hosted free of charge by, and as such I ask again that you please be reasonable with your magazine downloads. Some of the larger issues are 50+ megabytes, and it doesn't take long for the downloads to add up. I'll be happy to send out a DVD to anyone who's interested - just send me an e-mail. As well, the CGW issues have been mirrored at this site:
. Thanks in advance!
12 April 2008 End of the line for CGW/GFW
Ziff Davis announced just a few days ago that it was shutting down Games for Windows: The Official Magazine (GFW). You can read the story here. The magazine, which already had a significant online presence, will be replaced by online-only content at Ziff Davis' website.

You might recall that GFW was the successor to CGW, introduced in December 2006 as a re-branding of the magazine which debuted in November 1981. All together, CGW and GFW covered 26 and a half years of computer gaming. The cancellation of GFW leaves PC Gamer as the only remaining print magazine of significant readership devoted solely to computer gaming.
23 March 2008 All covers now online
I've finally gotten around to scanning the (few) missing CGW covers: issues 261-268, the last 8 issues. You can now find high quality scans of all CGW covers online. And if someone needs an even higher resolution image, let me know, as I still have the original scans - full 300 dpi .TIF images (weighing in at 23-24 megabytes per cover).
1 March 2008 Requesting a little help
Some jackass is selling a DVD of the CGW scans on eBay, trying to make money off of other people's work. The seller's ID is 'sunsetsam' and the current auction number (as of 1 March 2008) is 170197254821. I've contacted the seller but he refuses to stop selling the DVD. I'd appreciate if CGW Museum visitors could report the item to eBay as an authorized copy of media, by following this link: I'd also appreciate if anyone could let the seller know that his actions are not welcome. And by the way, I've been sending out DVDs to Museum visitors who have requested them, for not much more than the cost of shipping (and for less than this seller is advertising them on eBay), and will continue to do so!
5 January 2008 Happy 2008!
Happy New Year to all CGW Museum visitors! I'm unsure as to what's in store for 2008, but as always, I hope for new content.

In the meantime, why not go for a visit to the Gallery of Undiscovered Entities, which has just been updated. The GUE is a sister site to the CGW Museum which focuses on lesser-known games and game companies of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please send an e-mail to the Museum

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