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23 August 2009 Softline!
Hello everyone... yes, it has been a while since the last update. This update isn't strictly related to CGW, but I think anyone who is interested in vintage computer gaming will appreciate it! The Museum is now hosting the entire run (16 issues) of Softline magazine, scanned and processed with the same care as all the CGW issues. And yes, these issues are also text-searchable... what did you expect? :-)

For those who are not familiar, Softline was a spinoff of Softalk, dedicated to computer gaming and other recreational pursuits. The magazine was published from September 1981 to April 1984. The style is different than CGW - Softline focuses a lot on the personalities involved in gaming, including a number of interviews with programmers and profiles of companies. It's a great complement to CGW.

You can find the Softline issues in the Galleries section of the Museum. The index has also been updated, and now includes the 540 000+ words from Softline. Please note that to include Softline on the site, the filenames for CGW issues have now changed.

Any DVDs sent out by the Museum will now include CGW, CGF, and Softline.
2 January 2009 Happy New Year
Best wishes from the CGW Museum to everyone, for a happy and prosperous 2009. Unfortunately there weren't many updates to the site in 2008, but that kind of comes with the territory - it's not easy to find new material when covering a publication that's no longer in print! Which, sadly, is 100% the case now, given that CGW's successor, Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, went out of print - the last issue was dated April/May 2008.

Still, the CGW Museum has continued to provide visitors with the first 100 CGW issues in digitized and indexed format, and judging from the number of visitors, the site is more popular than ever. Thanks to everyone who has dropped by, and particularly to those who have taken the time to send me an e-mail. So what am I looking to do for 2009? Hopefully getting some contributions from former CGW staff. And I'm hoping to interview Jeff Green (who, if you haven't heard, left Ziff Davis a few months back). If you've written for CGW or were involved with CGW in the past, and would like to contribute something to the Museum, please get in touch - I'm looking for your input!

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please send an e-mail to the Museum

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